Spring Update

Spring Update

Welcome to our Spring Update! 

Before we get into the fun new projects we'll be releasing this season, there is some business we have to attend to first. 

For our existing customers...

We hate to say it but we're still delayed, reminding us that you have been waiting for your controller does not make us build it any faster! As always we're working as quickly as we can and we know that we're taking longer than either of us would like to ship your controller, but please understand that the build time quoted when orders were placed was an estimate! Over the past six months we have hired twelve new technicians in hopes that we would be able to handle the amount of business we thought we would receive over the holidays, so we had estimated eight weeks if we received a projected range of order volume over the course of November and December.  We had no idea that the holiday season would be so popular, in November and December alone we had  over 1,800 controller orders placed. 

Our support staff is hard at work answering all of your questions but please give them time to respond, they go through hundreds of emails a day so please be nice. Cursing and other rude comments hurt their feelings and caps lock is not appreciated. They will do their best to assist you in any mistakes we have made but please note that they do not build the controllers. Since the new year we have five new technicians being trained from the ground up and the ones that we've had are getting faster, so expect to see your controller soon!

For customers waiting to order...

To address some specific concerns that we have heard from customers who want to order but have not:

  • Yes, we really are that far behind. Each controller is hand-crafted just for you.
  • Beaver Boost will be seeing a return, tentatively, on April 1st.
  • Upgrades and repairs for controllers (stock/competitors) will also tentatively return on April 1st.
  • We do ship internationally, please see below for more details!
  • Rear button placements are visible by "flipping" the controller via the button next to the preview.
  • Sponsorships and Affiliations will be reviewed and considered when we are caught up (eventually).

Blueprinting the

Xbox One S 


More Color. More Performance.

New and Improved

We've gone ahead and revamped our rear button placements so you'll find a wider combination of positions to better accommodate whatever play style works best. 

You'll also find more color combinations between the shell and buttons. 

As the gaming industry continues to innovate we will as well. You'll see more of what we have to offer on the 'S' controller as the year passes . 

Nintendo GameCube

We'll be bringing back our Shield Drop modifications and thumb stick modifications soon! We've revamped all of these modifications to make them last longer and function more consistently. We're planning on releasing more colors of our custom buttons and in a few months we'll be showcasing our new smooth letterless buttons. We have some more goodies being finalized so stay tuned throughout the year for more!

  • Consistent Reverse Lasering
  • Shield Drop Modifications

More Original Nintendo Controllers - In Stock -

  • More Custom Color  Buttons
  • Smooth Buttons (Coming Soon)

International Shipping

Recently we've had more issues than we would like concerning our shipments to customers overseas. Numerous reports of packages being stolen, run over, or lost by the post office have made us consider what would best serve you, the customer, in terms of receiving our product. Effective immediately we will only be offering Priority Mail International shipping for our customers abroad. We do understand that this option is more expensive than the First Class alternative but it will allow faster shipping, better tracking, the ability to file claims in case of lost or stolen packages, and up to $100 USD of insurance in the event of any damages incurred while in transit. We will be monitoring the feedback of this decision so please drop us a line with your thoughts. 

We'll be back in the Summer with new features and products.

Until then we'll keep our nose to the grindstone and continue building controllers as quickly as possible. We appreciate all of the love and support you have shown us this past year and we'll be making sure to keep innovating the field throughout the year!