Battle Beaver Customs offers a wide array of services that can only be done here in our shop. Below you will find our form for repair, modification, or enhancements. We can work on your original equipment or on our competitors equipment that uses original equipment as the base of their customs. For example we can repair or modify your Scuf Gaming, Cinch Gaming, Imagine Customs, Evil Controllers, Sharq, and The Controller Shop equipment as they are known to also begin builds with Original equipment. If you have any questions please contact us prior to mailing in your equipment.

All enhancements will void any written or understood warranties offered by these companies, as we are not affiliated with any of them.

Repair / Upgrades

Click Here for our Repair / Upgrade form! 

Please ship your controller to:

Battle Beaver Customs
3710 Olsen Blvd
Amarillo, TX 79109

If you have any questions, please email us at


New Feature coming soon. We will give you a credit towards your next purchase for your old equipment. All equipment will be tested, and evaluated for functionality and given a proper appraisal.