How is it made?

Thank you for purchasing a Battle Beaver! 

While you may have heard a lot about us before you made your purchase, please allow us to elaborate on our build process before you check where your controller is in our queue.

When the order is placed...

It is entered into our system where it will be confirmed the next business day, if you haven't received a confirmation from us yet that details your order, please contact us to confirm it was placed. 

When the order is confirmed, it is written down on a physical order form we have to keep track of it and any changes that might need to be made. That order form is then entered into our queue where it awaits to be prepped. 

To exercise fairness, we complete orders sequentially from the day they were placed. Unfortunately even if all you ordered was a basic controller, it will still have to wait in our queue until its turn comes. 

When the work has begun...

The order form is pulled and placed in a little bin that will be your controller's home until shipping. It is now that one of our technicians will grab everything they need from the inventory room and begin prepping your controller. 

The controller is taken apart and any aesthetic options are cut or trimmed to fit to specification. Soon after the performance aspects of the controller are worked on until everything can come together. Once we've gotten the controller screwed together it is peer-reviewed and it is entered into our testing queue where our senior technicians do a final round of checks before it is approved for shipping. 

Why We're Behind...

During our first vacation earlier this year in August, we had made some amazing ground and we were legitimately almost caught up to our order volume at that time. There are two reasons we believe have led to the explosion of orders we have received that brought us to the next level and forced us to nearly double our staff. 

First, during the weeks leading up to CoD XP we had coordinated with multiple professional players around the country who had spent their own money to test our product for the important championship tournament.  With their strong showing in front of the world, word had gotten out and when we returned to work we saw the highest order volumes per day in our history. Needless to say we were unprepared for such high volumes and immediately began the search for more help.

Second, this summer we had spent a considerable amount of time expanding into the Super Smash Bros. eSports scene. It was then that we innovated upon the Nintendo GameCube controller and begun offering never-before-scene modifications and parts that we were excited to show the world. We reached out to a number of professional players and in turn they began spreading the word.

We're doing our best to complete orders as quickly as possible while still maintaining the quality we pride ourselves on. This is just a bump in the road for us, and we're coming back in a big way. We really appreciate all of our fans sticking with us during this time, we promise the wait will be worth it!

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