Fall Update

Getting ready  for the holidays:

There are a few things we would like to let the community know as we begin to prepare for the holiday season...

Free Domestic Shipping! (ends 11/19)

From now until before Black Friday we are having a free domestic shipping special on orders $150 or more! Perfect for getting your performance modded controller before the major holiday games release. Currently we are completing orders before the estimated build date so order yours today!

Holiday ship dates (estimated)

We want to avoid the situation of last year as much as possible!

As the holidays are coming up, this year we want to let everyone know we will be implementing an estimated holiday ship date. That is, if you order your controller before the posted date you will be certain to receive it before Christmas. This date will be announced for both domestic and international customers soon so be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter to know when you should order your controller.

New Products:

Custom GameCube A/B Buttons 

We've recently opened up our custom GameCube buttons for everyone! You can upload your own artwork or use NON-COPYRIGHT IMAGES and we'll make them into A or B buttons. Please note that this process takes a little while for us to make them so please be patient after you order. We will still be making exclusive buttons for events that we attend so if you truly want something special be sure to catch us around the country!

Custom PlayStation buttons

Just as we've done with Xbox Home buttons in the past, we're expanding our services to show our PlayStation fans some love. We're still in the prototyping phase of making these buttons so don't expect to see them too soon. When we do make them available they will be subject the same rules and guidelines as our other custom buttons. Artwork will have to be non-copyright and of a high enough quality to successfully create the button.

Permanent Grip Solutions

For those of you asking when we're going to release a permanent gripped back, we're still working on it! Currently we're sorting through different formulas and applicators to find the best one that will work with our current inventory. Once we do find the best combination we'll be making small batches in-house for testing. If all goes according to plan and the grips are well received, we'll find a supplier to produce them for us and make them more readily available.

Merchandise ideas? Let us know!

We've been kicking around the idea of selling more merchandise but we aren't sure what the community would want, so we're asking for ideas. (thinking along the lines of T-shirt types, hat types, etc. etc.) So follow us on Twitter and let us know what you'd like to see! The community is directly influencing this decision so if you're really passionate about particular BBC branded attire, make sure your voice is heard.