Summer 2021 Update

By Ivan Chau Jun 04, 21

Hello again everyone!


It's time for another Seasonal Update as we slip n' slide our way into the Summer ūüŹĖÔłŹ

Since our Spring Update we're pleased to announce that we've shaken up some of our production processes and made some optimizations that will help us build and ship controllers faster than before. We are thankfully slowly making our way back to pre-pandemic build times, and with our most recent hiring wave, we hope to reduce build times even further as we move into Summer.

We truly could not have made it this far without your patronage, so thank you for all your patience and support this past year¬†ūüíô

As they say, it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, so let's dive into these patch notes.

As is tradition of patch notes, enjoy our Summer Update TL;DR --

  • At the time of this writing we¬†have just over 6,400 open orders and are¬†currently¬†on our way toward a 10 week lead-time.¬†
  • Since our last update we have increased our technician staff by 25%, streamlined processes as a result of COVID vaccinations, and have once again opened up applications to bolster our production output.
  • Wave 3 DualSense orders began production in May with a separate production queue. We've fulfilled approximately 31% of pre-orders that were received and estimate production to conclude by the end of Summer.¬†
  • Certain controller parts that were ordered¬†have been discontinued and are being phased out as we transition to Next Gen offerings. Customers may receive emails in regards to substitutions.
  • We¬†continue observing *ALL* of our COVID-19 procedures for the safety of our team members and customers.

If you're still with us, thanks for sticking around!  


We have constructed additional pylons!


As the U.S begins to open up and restrictions begin to ease, we're incredibly thankful that our team members have been able to receive vaccinations to better protect themselves and their loved ones. 

With our production staff returning to the office and schedules beginning to normalize, we've been able to optimize and streamline certain production processes. These new protocols will enable us to test and fulfill orders with greater efficiency and speed as we continue to increase our production capacity to match the ever-growing demand for great controllers. 

In addition to some internal restructuring, and now that we're getting everyone back in the office, we've kicked production up a notch and all of our technicians are working overtime to help catch us up. 

For those interested, we've nearly doubled our technician staff since the pandemic had begun last year with close to a 200% increase in our build hours/output. 

We know that delays suck, but please know that we have been seriously beefing up our capabilities to handle the demand that the community has for our products. We truly could not have grown this explosively without all of the support we've received, so thank you so much for your patience as we continue to grow¬†ūüíô


DualSense Wave 3 production will continue until morale improves.


Now that we're in the full swing of our DualSense production we're keeping pretty close to our initial expectations of completion. After beginning production in May we've completed and shipped about 31% of the total pre-orders received, leaving a nice amount of pre-orders yet to be fulfilled. 

We're anticipating to conclude this wave of production late July, and have been hard at work preparing for Wave 4. For those interested, we are currently planning on having new aesthetic options and potentially new performance modifications available for Wave 4 later this Summer. 


It's The End Of These Parts as We Know It... And Next-Gen Feels Fine.


As the wheel of time turns, so too must our inventory. Now that we've been slowly building up a decent stock of parts for the new Xbox Series X and DualSense controllers, we unfortunately must say good-bye to some of our previous offerings. 

This decision was largely made in part due to the discontinuation of many last-gen parts such as certain faceplate colors or small parts that we receive from our overseas suppliers. As a small business, we don't have a lot of room to hold inventory so we run things on a pretty tight schedule so we're not overflowing with boxes. Unfortunately this also means that when generational changes like this happen, it throws a sizeable wrench into the system we track things with. 

As a result, if you have a custom controller order with us currently, you may receive an email concerning possible substitutions or alternatives for parts that we are unable to secure. 

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this causes, and will work on ways to avoid these situations in the future. 

On a brighter note, we're pleased to announce that we will be having all sorts of awesome aesthetic options available for both the Series X and DualSense controllers in the next few months, so keep an eye on our Twitter to know when those options go live!


Thanks for reading!

 As always, if you've made it all the way down here, thanks for taking the time to read this update. We're hoping to be able to keep providing these updates every season as time allows, but if you don't like to wait that long just drop us a follow @BattleBeaverC to get updates as they happen. 

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Written by Ivan Chau