Fall Update 2016

November 03, 2016

To all of our supporters, 

We have recently been hearing from our customers that communication from our business has been not been to their expectations and admittedly, they have not been to our standards either. We agree that we have not adequately updated you in all that has been happening these past few months, and we apologize. We have been growing extremely quickly this year due to overwhelming praise from the community and consistent exposure by professional gamers. The most recent surge of orders came after the Call of Duty World Championships in August, before the event we were actually at a build time of 14 business days.

As a result of the overwhelming support we have been receiving, we were having more orders placed per day than we could complete, causing us to fall more and more behind. In response to this we have more than doubled our technical staff and we are now doubling our support staff as well. In addition to these new hires, we have invested more in technologies and services that will better allow us to serve you from this point on.

A few weeks ago we had to set our build times to an estimate of six weeks from when the order was placed and we regret to inform you that we are still at that estimate. We understand that we are behind and please believe us when we say that we are neither happy nor proud of this delay. We have been pouring all of our resources into training these new technicians and building orders, we are doing the best we can to ensure build estimates do not rise any higher.

We greatly appreciate the support from our fans and we are doing our best not to let you down. Your business has allowed exciting innovations within the industry and funds the continued education of many of our technicians, it does not go towards a money-hungry corporate giant. It is important that the community understands that we are a very small business in a secluded part of the world trying to compete in the big leagues. We do not have access to either a skilled work force or service professionals, all of our technicians are trained from scratch and it has taken us some time to find the right people to help us step up our game. We ask for just a little more of your patience while we continue to grow and take the next step, but rest assured that we will always listen to and remember the ones who helped us get this far.

While we are completing orders, unless we have contacted you separately, the next update email that you will receive from us is the shipping notification. Until then please know that your order will be completed as quickly as possible. To address specific complaints, we understand that you may want a periodic update but until the order ships it will still be in our queue waiting to be worked on, and no, we do not employ robots to reply to emails sent to our support staff.

From all of us here at Battle Beaver,

Thank you for all of your support