COVID-19 UPDATE: 8/10/20

By Ivan Chau Aug 10, 20

As our support staff have been returning to the office, we are happy to announce that our phone support is returning with limited availability.

You can find our updated contact information here: 

Unfortunately we are not opening our send-in services quite yet, however we are hoping to have them available in the next few weeks once proper procedures and protocol have been determined. Once again, we are unsure if we would be forced to suspend this service again in the future, however we will address those concerns when necessary.

We realize the importance of repairs to our customers and we are hoping to establish the proper safety procedures to offer these services once again.

We would again like to thank all of our supporters for allowing us to continue our work during these difficult times, and we truly appreciate the patience and understanding y'all have had when it comes to our build times. 

We will continue to stay as safe and healthy as possible while building your custom controllers to the quality standards you deserve.

As always, 

Thank You

Written by Ivan Chau