Buster Goes to the Beach!

August 03, 2016



Battle Beaver is taking its end of summer vacation in order to recuperate from the jam-packed exciting summer and prepare for the school and holiday seasons!

Expedited Build Time will be deactivated from:
August 5th to August 22nd

All builders will be deactivated for maintenance and performance updates from:
August 15th to August 22nd

Extremely Limited Support from:
August 15th to August 22nd

To prepare for the week we will be gone, we have turned off all of our boosting services. While most of our staff will be out of town, there will be some technicians working diligently to catch up on our existing orders. Our builders will also be offline for some much needed maintenance and performance updates. We also have several new employees that will have their very own training montage to become the very best (like no one ever was?). We're also very pleased to say that we will be finalizing some exciting new products for your enjoyment to debut later this year!

Due to our short staffing for that week, email and social media support will be extremely limited, so please be patient and wait for us to return. If you are sending in an inquiry, please only email once. If you send multiple emails in frustration, you will continue to put yourself at the end of our queue line, as emails are answered from when the last message was received (oldest to newest). For any warranty concerns, we understand that support will be limited so we won’t hold it against you! Think of this week as sort of a "by-week" where your warranty stands still.

Please understand that we will need a few days to catch up when we get back but we will handle everything with consideration when we return! As always we have nothing but love and appreciation for our fans and supporters. Without you, this company would still just be a side-hobby in little Amarillo, TX. Thank you so much for your support, we hope to turn a few heads when we return!

Some of the goodies we have lined up for later this year may include but are not limited to...

- Custom Image A buttons for the Nintendo GameCube
- Wired Playstation 4 options
- Our signature modifications for the new Xbox One S controller