Build Time Delays

January 27, 2016

 I wanted to personally shed some light on our current build times and what has attributed to the delay. We had a huge spike in orders starting with the switch of BO3 then leading into Black Friday, Christmas shopping, and post-Christmas shopping. During the spike we had to let one of our employees go, handle vacations and holiday time, and then most recently have a lead tech quit due to moving across the country. (In a small business, 2 people in 2 weeks has a significant impact.) 

We have moved into our new shop (1-24-16) that is large enough to allow us to hire more technicians. Remodeling and moving into our new shop (flooring, paint, networking, power, etc.) was mostly done after hours and on the weekend. Interviews have started for more technicians as we will double our work-force in the next few weeks.

Battle Beaver is committed to fast build times, and top level support. I do realize that we have slowed beyond what I am comfortable with, and will dedicate all resources to getting back to fast, accurate builds and repairs. This is a small business, and we are learning everyday ways to be more efficient and provide a better customer experience.

We absolutely love our supporters, and gamers that believe in our products. Some of the negative emails, texts, phone-calls, reviews, and tweets have been rough as I take them all personal. This isn't just a way to provide for my family, and for my workers families, but a dream that I take great pride in.

We have some huge announcements coming soon, and I hope we do not offend too many people as we grow and adapt to the needs of our customers.

- Chris