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2019: Order Status Update

April 19, 2019 4 min read


This is Chris, owner here at Battle Beaver, with an update on our current order volume status.

     As we begin to reach and exceed our estimated build times for custom controllers I wanted to update you on where we stand in our production process and what to expect from us moving forward.

Please rest assured that all orders are still planned to be completed and shipped as soon as possible, we have no intentions on taking any longer than necessary to ship quality custom controllers around the world. During this time we are no longer allowing boosts to be purchased without extremely special circumstances, this way we can strictly focus on current orders and complete them as soon as possible. As more of our technicians begin to wrap up their school semesters we will slowly be allowing boost options to return as they are available to work overtime. Be reminded however that we are continuing to operate on a queue system and complete orders in the date they were received. Please bear with us just a little bit longer while we continue to focus on the quality that has made our controller the best in the business.

Where are we now:

     We're currently completing controller orders received around the end of February. As of this writing we will be at an approximate 8 week build time, specifically working on orders from the 21st of February.

From the order volume we were expecting to receive during the 1st Quarter of 2019 we believe we were actually pretty close in setting expectations. If you're a returning customer you may be aware that we are not the biggest operation in the industry, and due to a variety of reasons build times can quickly get out of hand with a small workforce.

To give some context, in the months preceding and following Christmas we have received approximately twice as many orders than compared to the same period last year. While the workload may have doubled, our number of technicians to handle all these extra orders has not. 

How did we get here:

  Apart from the usual combination of natural events such as Flu season, windstorm power outages, and delays in component shipments, there are two hand-in-hand factors that have been drastically limiting us in terms of production power.

The first bottleneck we've identified is our current office space. When we originally moved into this location three years ago, we could never have anticipated the amount of technician space we would need now. Having only used a fraction of the 4,800 sqft in the beginning of 2016, Battle Beaver has continued to grow and grow and we have since converted every available inch of our office into either a technician workspace or inventory storage. So with the maximum amount of floor space utilized, the orders that we have been receiving have slowly outpaced the amount of orders that only so many stations can fulfill.

The second bottle neck we've identified goes hand-in-hand with the first. While we have no more room for technician stations in the office, we also would be struggling to find technicians to fill those stations if we did. As the company has grown we were at first cautious of the labor demands we were nearing, however we are now excited that we are needing an additional production facility to meet future demand.

What happens now:

  While there is nothing we can do to immediately solve the bottlenecks that we have, since last year we have been making preparations to expand our operations to larger city in order to meet current and future demand. We are currently looking at several properties in the North Dallas area and are planning to begin expansion this Fall. With a new office and location, we will be able to quickly add to our workforce and increase our production by an exponential amount. Please be aware however that with this expansion we are going to need both time and resources before the new production facility is up to Battle Beaver standards. The required tools for each station must be ordered in advance and there is a minimum training period for each modification before a technician is considered to be proficient.

A new production facility also means that we will be able to offer many more modifications and styles to customize your controller with, and soon we will be returning to our two week build time standard. We are laying the foundation for much more exciting plans for the future, and we're happy to have you along for the ride.

     This dream could not have been possible if it were not for our dedicated fans and the support you have provided these past few years. I am truly grateful for the amazing experience this has been and I hope to bring many more exciting things to you in the near future.

Thank you all so much and we'll keep working to deliver controllers as soon as possible.



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